Express Yourself! A Performance Workshop for Quartets and All Singers with Judy Pozsgay & Vickie Maybury

Fri, Jan 20 2023 to Sat, Jan 21 2023

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  • Type of event: Education Event
    Venue: First Congregational Church, Greeley, Colorado
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    Learn how to connect with your audience and sing from the heart. Discover how to develop and deliver unforgettable performances with authentic musical expression using the interplay between the Expression and Visual Communication categories. 

    Quartet coaching is available! 

    Learn more in this exciting video featuring our workshop faculty!

    The registration deadline for quartets who wish to be coached is January 1, 2023. Drawings for coaching with Judy and Vickie will be held on January 2. 

    Click here to register and order an optional on-site lunch.

    Lodging is on your own.

    CEU credit is available for this workshop. Contact Leslie Galbreath, Region 8 Education Coordinator for more information.

    Your Faculty (click name for full bio!):


    Judy Pozsgay, visual performance coach and choreographer, Visual Communication Judge, bass of Frenzy, 2017 International Champion Quartet, 14-time international top-10 quartet finalist, SAI International Faculty.

    Vickie Maybury, musicality and vocal production coach, Expression Category Judge Specialist, Certified Expression Category Judge, International Board of Directors, IES 2022 Co-Chair, Master 700 Director of the Skyline Chorus, 2022 International Chorus Silver Medalists, Certified International Faculty.

    Last Call, 2022 Rocky Mountain Region 8 Quartet Champions and 2022 International 9th place finalists, kick off the weekend!

    They are fabulous and fun teachers eager to share information about getting organized as a quartet and also singing your part smart!

    Well-known for their extensive tag repertoire, look forward to some after-class chord ringing opportunities, too!


    🎶   "Singing from the Heart: Authentic Emotional Connection to Your Music"
    🎶.  "Get Out of the Box"
    🎶   "We've Got Personality"
    🎶   "All for One & One for All" 
    🎶.  "Energy: The Life Force of Performance"
    🎶   "How to Get to the Next Level"
    🎶   "Musicality vs. Musicianship"
    🎶.  "How to Get Organized"
    🎶.  "Sing Your Part Smart"

    Detailed Schedule & Class Descriptions:

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