Region 8 Convention Webcast - 2018

For a $35 webcast subscription, the live stream will be available on Friday and Saturday. Use picture link below to sign up!


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Friday, April 13 - Quartet Contest

 11:45am coverage / 12:00pm contest MST (Phoenix time)

Quartet Stage Times


Saturday, April 14 - Chorus Contest

11:45am coverage / 12:00pm contest MST (Phoenix time)

Chorus Stage Times




Judy Vidal (Black Hills Showcase) & Sharon Ross (High Country Chorus)



Beth Bruce (Mountain Jubilee)



Webcast Disclaimers:

  • Use the same email that you used to sign up with, to access the contest webcast sessions. Sharing emails for multiple viewers is NOT permitted.
  • This will be high-definition video. Please ensure that you are on a high speed connection for the best viewing of the contest webcast.
  • Be sure to sign up EARLY! It takes some time to get your email in the system when you sign up. Signing up right before the webcast is to go live could delay you 30 minutes or so.



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